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As The Watson Group, we get deep into the details and drive the process every step of the way. Our FUNDING BLUEPRINT which we establish Day 1, includes the 16 things we do to expedite the process through closing and disbursement. We work hand in hand with the lender through underwriting and document review, to address potential funding issues. 

For complex transactions with lots of moving parts, we weave together funding solutions involving multiple parties. We can also work with you, and the lender, to address IRS tax issues, or existing vendor payment problems, which can impact the ability to fund.

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There are literally thousands of lenders around the country who provide contract financing, in one form or another. Some specialize in certain segments, like leasing or factoring. Some specialize by industry, like construction or transportation. 

Some of these we refer to as garden variety lenders, who appeal to the mass market, have standard rates and you can find on every corner. Others we refer to as premium/volume discounters, who are harder to find, and whose' rates are often tied to prime plus 2 or 3. 

No matter where they fall, some take 2 days for approval, while others take 2 weeks. Some will work with clients with tax lien or judgment problems, while others won't. The question is; other then trial and error, how do you find the best fit? 

IF you find them, do you know the 47 questions you need to ask BEFORE you sign up? Finally, at the end of the day, how do you determine how financially sound "they are", given the banking crisis in America, which still exist today? 

As you’re Financial Broker, we add value through our knowledge and experience in the industry, and in the integrity of the relationships we maintain with our lenders, in some cases, even going back well over 15 years. 

Simply put, what that means for you, as our client, is that you can rely on us, not only to establish the best fit, but know that our network of lenders are fiscally sound, and financially able to deliver on the commitments they make to you.

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