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The Watson Group (TWG)  is a Financial Intermediary that specializes in arranging Contract Financing and Working Capital financing for growing business owners all over the country for over 25 years.

 Much like a mortgage banker is to real estate financing, TWG is to working capital, and has arranged millions of dollars in financing for construction contractors, wholesale suppliers, manufacturing companies, and professional service firms nationwide for commercial and government contracts

In providing these services, TWG offers a unique approach which, over the years, it has coined, “TRANSACTION ENGINEERING”. In a nutshell, we define it as designing and structuring  an “integrated funding solution”, based on the needs and specifications of the client, much like an architect who designs a building, and the engineer who generates the detail drawings and blueprints.

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  • Supply Contractors

  • Service Contractors

  • Construction Contractors

  • Manufacturing Contractors

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Dec 3, 2019

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The 4 Step Process

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"Transaction Engineering" 


As the first step of the process, TWG determines the clients funding needs and objectives, purpose, timing, and identifies any issues or constraints which could impact approval. This exercise is conducted through a conversation in what we refer to as a Preliminary Underwriting Interview.

As the second step, much like a doctor, TWG then conducts a series of “diagnostic tests”, and reviews the clients financials, bank statements, contracts, etc, to drill down and better understand their “physical business condition”.


Based on the results of the Diagnostics, TWG will then develop a funding solution, or in medical terms, a “treatment plan”, based on the clients current condition and funding objectives. This Funding Strategy will define the mix of funding products required, much like a doctor prescribes a mix of prescriptions to solve a medical problem.

 TWG provides funding products ranging  from mobilization funding to start-up a contract, to funding to pay vendors, suppliers, subs, payrolls, or funding on the back-end to speed up cash flow.

For each funding product, TWG will then work with the client to determine their target revolving line of credit or loan amounts, loan structure, basis of the rates, re-payment source and frequency, much like a doctor does, in defining dosage, strength, and frequency.

TWG also will identify upfront potential “adverse effect” between two funding products, much like their doctor. For example, if two funding products BOTH require filing a UCC and BOTH normally require being in first position, TWG  provides options upfront to address and resolve these issues.


Once the mix of funding products have been identified, TWG will select the “optimal” funding partner from its’ national network of asset-based lenders and commercial finance houses throughout the country.

The specific lender(s) selected will be based on the best fit, given the clients  funding deadlines, lender approval criteria, documentation requirements, rate, terms, and cost structure. For example, some situations may require a lender who specializes by industry, ie medical or transportation. Others may require a lender who can provide rates based on APR in the single digit interest rate range. TWG’s broad range of diverse funding partners enables it to provide the optimal funding partner in most situations.

 TWG has had long standing and solid relationships with several of its’ funding partners,  who have provided millions of dollars in financing. These long term relationships, some dating back over 15 years, speaks to the integrity of the relationships with our funding partners, detail understanding of their funding criteria and approval processes, and success in arranging financing on behalf of our client


Finally, TWG works directly with the client and lender from Day 1 through closing and funding. In so doing, we work as an extension of both you, our client, and the lender as well. Our role throughout this process In so doing, our role includes preparing our clients formal funding package, working with the client and lender to address any issues including UCC filing issues, negotiating and structuring subordination agreements with senior lenders, establishing Inter-Creditor Agreements between lenders, negotiating and arranging pay-off agreements with past due creditors as needed, arranging vendor trade credit agreements, negotiating rates and terms with lenders, and facilitating and expediting closing and funding with all parties.

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