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The Watson Group: "Alternative Financing Specialists"

Our Business Development Financing  Programs is designed to provide  innovative Contract Financing Solutions for growing business owners all over the county.


Our clients are companies with contracts or purchase  orders, who can do the work but lack sufficient working capital or  trade credit with their vendors. Others may be a startup or are "UN-BANKABLE", and don't meet the bank's traditional approval criteria.


TWG specializes in arranging GAP FINANCING, a short term Financing Facility  designed to bridge the gap between the " cash you have and the cash you need" to meet your contract requirements. We do this by helping our clients "create the collateral", which along with their contract, provides the security for the loan.


The key to "creating the collateral" is to link  payment to performance on the front-end with "controlling the cash-flow" on the back-end.


The client thus instructs their customer to submit invoice payments DIRECTLY to the lender. The invoice, or "collateral", along their contract, provide security  for the loan, in most cases. Financing approval is based on the financial strength of the customer and not the client.


As a result, this process, once in place, unlocks the doors to a broad range of  innovative," out of the box", specialized financing solutions.

Gerald C. Watson - Founder

Gerald C Watson is a Financial Intermediary specializing in arranging Contract and Working Capital Financing for growing firms throughout the country, for over the past 20 years.


Gerald has spoken on numerous panels and conducted seminars on Contract Financing within the public and private sector, written numerous articles and published a workbook on Contract Financing, and provided testimony on the subject of Contract Financing before the United States Commission on Minority Business in Washington, DC.


He has served on numerous Board of Directors, including the Commercial Finance Association (CFA), the St John's River Community College, and has also been a recipient of the SBA Business Advocate of the Year Award.


Gerald holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and a Master of Science in Business from the Management Education Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he graduated third in his class with Honors.

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