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What We Do

In today's economic climate, many growing firms, even profitable ones, are finding it more difficult to secure, or expand, working capital credit lines. Despite their history of on-time payments, strong financials, and banking relationships, many of these firms are waking up to find their credit lines Frozen, or even worse, no longer available.

For companies with weakened financials due to the economy, but still growing, the challenges of securing financing to support this growth provides an even greater hurdle.

For many of them, factoring, or even accounts receivable financing through a commercial bank is not the solution, because they can't get to the invoice, and still need the resources upfront to perform.

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Moreover, many of these firms often have no idea as to "if" there are specialized funding resources out there to meet their needs, "who" they are, "how" do they find them, and "which" would be the "best fit", given their industry size, funding requirements, company condition, or other critical issues which might impact their ability to get funded. In addition, how do they know "what questions to ask" before signing up with a lender? And given the banking crisis which still exist today, is there a way to determine how financially sound the lenders really are?

Utilizing over 12 different funding products, and specialized funding instruments, in addition to factoring, and working through our national network of lenders, including numerous commercial banks, we (1) establish a funding strategy, and (2) structure a financing facility, to assist them in performing on their contracts.

"Transaction Engineering Process"

  • TWG conducts Preliminary Underwriting Interview to identify clients funding needs, objectives, timing, and constraints

  • TWG prepares formal Application Funding Package
  • TWG conducts "diagnostic tests", develops Funding Strategy and selects "optimal" mix of funding products
  • TWG works with selected Lender(s) to structure proposed financing facility, ie rates, terms, and conditions

  • TWG works with client and Lender(s) to finalyze approval on Funding Proposals
  • TWG works with Lender(s) and client through Underwriting and Due Diligence
  • TWG assists in addressing approval issues including UCC filings, Subordination Agreements, taxes, etc
  • TWG works with Lender(s) and client to finalyze legal docs and closing package
  • TWG expedites and facilitates closing and funding
To Best See What Fits Your Funding Need
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